May Employee of the Month

Catherine Weru is May's Employee of The Month

Hospital for Behavioral Medicine is pleased to recognize Catherine Weru, Mental Health Technician, as May’s Employee of the Month! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Catherine joined the HBM Family as a Mental Health Technician in April of 2022. Since starting with HBM, Catherine has really showed her dedication to HBM’s patients. She was nominated by her peers who recognize her commitment to HBM’s Mission & Philosophy! Catherine’s nominations for the recognition read:

“Catherine is always, and I mean always, working and cleaning rooms, doing checks… but I never see her stop. On her own she decided to run a dance group that all the patients love to do and it could be their favorite part of the day. No one told Catherine to do this, she just knew her patients had to get more active. She is kind to all people around her and everyone just loves her to death.”

“[Catherine is] always engaged and willing to try new things to get patients moving. She does a mean ELECTRIC SLIDE… and does it with a smile!”

Please take a few moments when you see Catherine to congratulate her on a job well done!