April Employee of the Month

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HBM Employee of the Month goes to Taylor Benjamin, Human Resources Generalist! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Taylor joined the HBM Family as a HR Generalist in April 2023. Since starting with HBM, Taylor has taken on the duties of her role with an open mind and the determination to help staff and candidates alike throughout the day! She was nominated by her peers who recognize her commitment to HBM’s Mission & Philosophy while ensuring that our staff’s needs are well looked after!

Taylor’s nomination for the recognition read:

“Taylor is a vital part of the day for every employee at HBM. Taylor is always helpful with Paycom questions or sending employees to her direction when you don’t have the correct answer. Taylor is always in a good mood and willing to help in every manner of her day. Staff feel very comfortable going to Taylor for any issues that may have. Orientation is a much smoother process with the assistance of Taylor and she is an intricate part of HBM growing in the fashion that it is!”

Please take a few moments when you see Taylor to congratulate her on a job well done!

HBM Attends 23rd Annual Massachusetts Suicide Prevention Conference

Hospital for Behavioral Medicine supported the 23rd Annual Massachusetts Suicide Prevention Conference in Norwood, MA. We are appreciative of the invitation to attend this event as a Lead Member of the Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention and support raising awareness.

If you or someone you know or support needs assistance, please contact our intake team at (774) 314-3490. We accept most insurances in both our Inpatient and Outpatient (PHP/IOP) programs.

Let’s reduce the barriers to treatment together.

March Employee of the Month

Employee of The Month - Samantha Tennaro

HBM Employee of the Month goes to Samantha (Sam) Tennaro, PHP Case Manager! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Sam joined the HBM Family as a Mental Health Technician in July, 2022. Sam has since transferred to the Partial Hospitalization day program providing Case Management in our growing outpatient units. Sam was nominated by her peers, who recognize her commitment to HBM’s Mission & Philosophy while ensuring that our patient’s are well looked after!

Sam’s nomination for recognition read:

“Sam is a hard worker, works any position asked and always cares for her co-workers and patients!”

Among Other Therapeutic Interventions, HBM Adds Yoga To Wellness Practices

Sara doing yoga
Continuing to promote wellness and diversify our care, we are pleased to now offer the services of Sara Basile.

Sara discovered yoga in 2010 to cope with the stressors upon the completion of her undergraduate degree. As someone who practiced many modalities of movement in adolescence, she knew Yoga would soon become essential in her life.

In 2017, Sara completed her 200-hour introductory yoga certification and then completed her 500-hour advanced training in 2021. Both schools are Yoga Alliance Accredited. Sara has also completed a 100-hour program called Soulful Yoga Therapy With LMT & Yoga teacher Kate Gharam. In this training, she learned how to teach yoga to a population that experiences conflict with their mental health.

With great love and attention to how the body and mind connect, Sara believes that this practice is for all people in all communities.

She welcomes everyone into space and encourages self-exploration to create a deeper connection with the essential self and a positive conviction in the world. Sara aspires that her yoga class leaves students feeling empowered, self-aware, and with a sense of being calm.

Sara also teaches public classes at Mati Yoga Studio in Millbury. You can check out her schedule and private offerings on her website, sarabasileyoga.com.

February Employee of The Month

February employee of the month

This month’s Employee of the Month goes to Kwame Owusu (MHT)! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Kwame joined the HBM Family as a Mental Health Technician in July 2020. Kwame has truly been a vital member of the Nursing Team on 2B – Foundations. He was nominated by his peers, who recognize his commitment to HBM’s Mission & Philosophy, while ensuring that our patients are well looked after!

Kwame’s nominations for the recognition read:

“Kwame always comes in when we need extra staff. He always has a smile on his face and, no matter what, is willing to help where it is needed! We can always count on Kwame!”

“[Kwame] is dedicated and willing to do anything that he’s asked. He is always very accommodating to the nursing shift needs and is always well-dressed. His positive attitude is well received, and he can always use that to calm down a possibly escalating situation.”

Thank you, Kwame!

January Employee Appreciation

This month’s Employee of the Month goes to both Jillian (Jill) Niro (RN Supervisor) & Nelisha (Neli) Mercedes (Case Manager)! CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF YOU!!

Jill joined the HBM Family as a Floor Nurse in October 2022. Jill’s ability to lead the nursing team eventually lead to a promotion to RN Supervisor in May 2023. Jill has truly been a vital component to the Nursing Leadership team and the Nursing Department.

Jill’s nominations for the recognition read:
“Jill has proven to be a strong, selfless, employee with the well being of patients in mind. She supports hospital-wide improvements with no agenda or ego.”

Neli joined the HBM as a Mental Health Technician in November 2022 and in January 2023 moved into her current role as a Case Manager. Neli is well thought of on her treatment team and goes above and beyond for her patients.

Neli’s nominations for the recognition read:
“Neli is an outstanding employee and makes a positive impact on the Thrive Unit, as well as, the Hospital. Neli is a hard worker who always goes beyond the goals set for Social Services.”

Both Neli & Jill were nominated by their peers who recognize their commitment to HBM’s Mission & Philosophy while ensuring that our patient’s are well looked after!

Embracing the New Year

🌟 Embrace the New Year with a focus on mental well-being! 💚 This week, prioritize self-compassion, set realistic goals, and reach out for support. Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength. Engage in self-care activities that bring joy and relaxation. Every small step counts on your mental health journey. If you need guidance or someone to talk to, we’re here for you. 🌈 #MentalHealthMatters #NewYearFocus #SelfCareJourney

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It’s Pride Month

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June is a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and acknowledge the unique challenges that we continue to overcome. LGBTQ+ individuals experience higher rates of depression and suicide, but also have less reliable access to mental health care. At Hospital for Behavioral Medicine, it is our responsibility to provide top-quality mental health services to our community while recognizing, supporting, and valuing LGBTQ+ issues.