Adolescent Mental Health Treatment and Simultaneous Schooling

At HBM, we offer an adolescent program, ages 11-17, that incorporates the school day into the treatment. Our mental health programming for adolescents, which is named “Thrive”, espouses programs such as Compassion and Dependency, Trauma and the Understanding of it, Cultural Humility and Responsiveness, and Family Dynamics, we also offer schooling for the adolescents in the program. The assigned staff teacher keeps the student on track, gaining forward momentum in their mental health and their education.

The ability to bond and communicate as a group and identify key issues is a critical part of the daily programming. The adolescents learn to relate and build resiliency in order to recover from setbacks. Becoming more resilient can offer individuals the opportunity to improve their life, maximizing their potential and success moving forward. Setting up each individual with a path for their future is our goal.

If you have questions about your child’s mental health, please give us a call today. We offer free assessments and can help guide you into a program that is best for your child.