Adolescent Mental Health Statistics and Getting Help at HBM

The 2022 statistics are out – and there is much insight taken from the numbers. In a report written by MHA (Mental Health America) National Organization, it calculates that the actual number of children without mental health coverage is 1.9% in Massachusetts to as high as 17.7% in Arkansas.

The rate of children with private insurance without coverage for mental or emotional problems is up 0.3% year over year, and yet there are still 950,000 youth in America without coverage for their behavioral or mental health.

Massachusetts ranks number three in the “rate of students identified as having an emotional disturbance for an IEP” at 20.22 students per 1,000.

If any of these statistics ring true for you and your family, and if you find yourself struggling with your child’s mental health, emotional disturbance or need for a little extra support, Hospital for Behavioral Medicine in Worcester is here to help. The adolescent program for ages 13 to 17 is an in-patient program that helps those with psychiatric symptoms that prevent them from functioning safely at home, school or community.

In November of 2022, we will be opening our child program for ages 3 to 12, providing a therapeutic and safe environment for our patients to recognize their behavioral and mental health needs and to develop coping skills to address the issues to help your child get back to living a safe life.

If insurance issues prevent you from getting help, call us – we can guide you. If your child has an IEP that you’d like our therapeutic approach to improve it – get connected.

There is no longer a reason to suffer, we welcome referrals from families, mental health professionals and healthcare providers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please call intake today at 774-314-3490 for a clinical assessment today.