Ask our staff! Hospital for Behavioral Medicine Question and Answer Series

At the Hospital for Behavioral Medicine, our staff gets asked a lot of questions! We wanted to answer some of the questions sent via our website and social media accounts.

Question: “What should I bring with me to the hospital”?

Answered by:

Kelsy A. Rondeau, M.Ed., LSAC
Director of Assessment and Referral (Intake)

“Patients should bring 3 days’ worth of comfortable clothing. To maintain the safety of all patients and staff, we do not allow strings, hooded clothes, or shoelaces. All valuable items not allowed on the units will be stored in a safe under camera surveillance until the time of discharge (purses, wallets, cellphones, electronics, etc.). Patients are allowed to have their wedding rings or the use of religious jewelry with physician approval. We provide toiletries, a comb/or brush, and other supplies. For infection control and safety, we ask that patients do not bring their stuffed animals or blankets. We have washers and dryers that staff will assist patients to make sure their clothing is clean throughout their stay. We recommend that patients have some sort of slip-on shoe for comfort and safety while moving throughout the hospital.“ – Kelsy Rondeau

December 15, 2020