Among Other Therapeutic Interventions, HBM Adds Yoga To Wellness Practices

Sara doing yoga
Continuing to promote wellness and diversify our care, we are pleased to now offer the services of Sara Basile.

Sara discovered yoga in 2010 to cope with the stressors upon the completion of her undergraduate degree. As someone who practiced many modalities of movement in adolescence, she knew Yoga would soon become essential in her life.

In 2017, Sara completed her 200-hour introductory yoga certification and then completed her 500-hour advanced training in 2021. Both schools are Yoga Alliance Accredited. Sara has also completed a 100-hour program called Soulful Yoga Therapy With LMT & Yoga teacher Kate Gharam. In this training, she learned how to teach yoga to a population that experiences conflict with their mental health.

With great love and attention to how the body and mind connect, Sara believes that this practice is for all people in all communities.

She welcomes everyone into space and encourages self-exploration to create a deeper connection with the essential self and a positive conviction in the world. Sara aspires that her yoga class leaves students feeling empowered, self-aware, and with a sense of being calm.

Sara also teaches public classes at Mati Yoga Studio in Millbury. You can check out her schedule and private offerings on her website,