Hospital for Behavioral Medicine adds to Administration Team with new Human Rights Officer appointed by CEO

Joe Drolette photo

We are excited to announce that effective 1/23/23, we have filled the Human Rights Officer (HRO) position at HBM with Joseph Drolette, Ed.D. Joe has a wide background in working with people with mental health challenges over his career. We look forward to his contribution to our patient care systems here at the hospital. He is known for his educational leadership accomplishments in behavioral health. He began his career working with adolescent mental health populations. Joe has also been involved in mental health research in the areas of human rights and patient advocacy, substance abuse, family therapy, and resiliency.

Joe serves on the Editorial Board of a peer-reviewed journal, Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) Foster Care Review Panel, and has served as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and Guardian Ad Litem (GAL). He has led bias review panels nationally in conjunction with the Center for Educational Research at Stanford University, served as Human Rights Officer, and Title IX Representative in several settings. He is currently pursuing post-doctoral work in human rights and patient advocacy.

The hospital is happy to have him join us, where he will represent patients as well as support our employee education programs related to patient advocacy and recovery.